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September 19, 2013

Capcom Down To $152 Million

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Written by: Kyle Sorrell
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Earlier this week it was announced that Capcom Co. Ltd., otherwise merely known as Capcom and industry giant, is down to a mere $152 million in savings.

An article from provides some unsettling details on the matter, mostly in regards to how Capcom plans on dealing with this issue. Their solution? Why none other than “full-scale implementation of DLC” of course.

To help put all of this into perspective, consider that Grand Theft Auto V is currently the most expensive video game to have ever been made, with all costs rounding out to approximately $265 million. Capcom is in a position where they could not even hope to touch those numbers. Then of course there is the recent and famous Mighty No. 9 KickStarter created by esteemed Mega Man developer Keiji Inafune, who is no longer with the company, and has so far raised over $2.3 million on its own.

All of this only makes the “failure” of their recent titles, most notably Resident Evil 6, only seem like more nails in the coffin. It does not help that Capcom’s recent crusade to make their main titles more like Call of Duty, an idea that has only alienated their core fan base, seem like extra nails in the coffin Capcom has built for itself.

Going back to the issue of DLC, the article first mentioned above is quick to remind us of the stringent handling of DLC thus far, and most notably the infamous idea and implementation of on-disc DLC. Capcom is notorious for excessive greed and deceptive or insulting attempts at squeezing every last dime from its consumers. An increased focus on downloadable content is sure to express this sentiment even more in the coming months.

All of this is occurring on the eve of a new generation no less. Their timing couldn’t be worse, but hopefully it will at least provide a harsh example to other developers out there of the consequences of going against the wishes of the consumer and your source of revenue.

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