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September 10, 2013

Dark Souls Lore: Gwyndolin the Forgotten God

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Written by: Steven Bednarz
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In this beautifully put-together video, we delve further into the backstory of Dark Souls’ confusing story.

Who are Gwyn, Gyndolin and Gwynevere? How are they relevant to the world of Lordran, the vast sprawling area where Dark Souls’ story takes place? What happened before the events of Dark Souls, leading to your character – the chosen Undead – becoming the person to hold the fate of the world in his or her hands?

This video explores Dark Souls’ lore using a combination of known facts and some minor speculation. It delves into the characters of Dark Souls in a fresh new light, explaining the history of some of Dark Soul’s most intriguing characters through the eyes of the characters concerned.

This video is part of Youtube content creator TerraMantis’ series where he explores the lore of Dark Souls.  In case you missed it, be sure to also check out the first in the series: Ballad of the Dark Lord.

You can follow TerraMantis on Youtube. Please give him a like, subscribe to his channel and express joy at his lovely beard.

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