August 4, 2013

Introducing the 12th Doctor Who…Peter Capaldi

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Written by: Dan Curtis
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Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

Well it’s been an agonising wait for Doctor Who fans around the globe. Since last week when it was officially announced that the next Doctor would be revealed at a special live TV show this weekend, the fans have been guessing the identity of the man (or woman) who would play the next incarnation of fan favourite Doctor Who. Well, after a loud of fluff for half an hour where Rufus Hound forgot facts and Matt Smith waved goodbye to the role, our brand new Doctor has been revealed and his name is Peter Capaldi.

Glasgow born, 56 years of age and with plenty of roles under his belt, Capaldi is a bit of a departure from recent series of Doctor Who which focused on younger doctors.  A star of both stage and screen, Capaldi has had roles in TV shows The Thick Of It, Skins, Waking the Dead and countless others. He’s also appeared in a number of movies, including the hilarious Mr Bean and – more recently – World War Z.

It’s unknown exactly what Peter will bring to the role at this point but he seemed very excited about adopting the sonic screwdriver and Tardis from leaving doctor Matt Smith. There’s always a transition period when a new Doctor comes in to the show where nobody really knows what to expect and criticises the new choice, but I’m certainly intrigued to see how the introduction of Capaldi will change the show in the future.

He’s actually appeared in the show before as a character in episode the Fires of Pompeii. We’ll just have to forget about that.

Of course there’s all the confusion around John Hurt to be addressed first when – spoiler alert – he was revealed as some kind of incarnation of the Doctor in the last episode of this year’s series.

Congratulations to Peter, and we here at XP are all waving a fond farewell to Matt Smith whose fish fingers, custard, bow ties, fezes and general maddness will be sorely missed.

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