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September 13, 2013

Japanese indie RPG Project Phoenix completes successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Written by: Donald Lee

Project Phoenix, an independently developed Japanese role-playing game featuring top industry talent from around the world, has successfully ended its Kickstarter campaign yesterday, earning over $1,065,000 from more than 16,000 supporters between Kickstarter and Paypal.

The goal of Project Phoenix is to create a Japanese role-playing game with squad-based real time strategy game design that focuses on elements of the genre that fans around the world remember fondly and feel have been missing in more technology focused, change for the sake of change entries.  To this end, Project Phoenix producer and director Hiroaki Yura has assembled a team of industry professionals willing to donate their time and talents to creating a game for audiences around the world to enjoy.

The Kickstarter was launched with the initial goal of earning $100,000 in order to fund the 3D modeling for the game.  In earning over ten times that amount, Project Phoenix now finds itself able to fund additional features for the game, including a fully explorable world and other stretch goals.

“Thank you to all of our loyal, passionate fans who’ve marched with us from start to finish!  You cannot imagine how grateful we are for your support!” exclaims Hiroaki Yura.  “We’ve broken the elusive $1 million mark, and then some, hitting the stretch goal that gives gamers the ability to experience the world of Azuregard on a much deeper level as they explore locales in all their intricacies.  This added dimension will make the Project Phoenix experience all the more fantastic!”

While the Kickstarter phase of the project’s crowd funding campaign has ended, interested fans can still contribute to Project Phoenix and its stretch goals via PayPal through their website as the team works toward their mid-2015 estimated release.

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