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July 29, 2013

No Saints Please, We’re Aussies.

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Written by: Dan Curtis
Saints Row IV

After being hit recently by a ban by the Australian Classification Review Board for inserting an alien anal probe backside-first into their game, Saints Row IV developer Volition has been slapped with another ban immediately afterwards.

Although the team of people over at Volition are well known for their crazy antics, they worked hard to reassemble the code of the Australian version of Saints Row IV, removing the offending anal probe from the Aussie version of the game.

Despite reworking the code the Review Board is still slapping a ‘refused classification’ moniker on the game, this time citing the game’s depiction of ‘alien narcotics’ as the reason behind the ban.

It’s a common sight in Australia when games such as Saints Row never see the light of day. Multiple examples of banned games have cropped up over the years that nobody in other countries batted an eyelid at, the most recent of which was highly popular Xbox Live game State of Decay. This game was also banned because of the depiction of health-giving drugs in the game.

As it stands Volition has some work to do to change the code again and resubmit the game for classification before the impending release date comes around. If not, Aussie gamers may well have to import Saints Row IV to get their slice of the ridiculous-looking fun.

In the meantime, why not enjoy this highly attractive video of my Saints Row: The Third character having a bit groove on top of a truck?

The XP Take

Real shame to see the Aussie gamers being deprived of what looks like a really excellent follow up to Saints Row: The Third. We can only hope the classification board sees sense and gives the poor gamers the madness they so desperately need.

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