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September 13, 2013

Savior, Destroyer, PS Vita TV

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Written by: Valtteri Kauraoja
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I was never going to buy a PS Vita. I mean, I will in the far future because of my obsession with video game collecting, but I wasn’t going to buy a Vita during the space in time it really matters to most of you. It didn’t seem to have any games. I am not really keen on portable gaming. It seemed to try and hit that “multimedia”-bull’s-eye so many companies *cough* Microsoft *cough* try so desperately to hit and for which I do not care at all. It has a gyroscope, multiple cameras and touchpads. It didn’t seem like the console for me. It had all these cool things that are cool for other, cooler people. For me; they just get in the way.

This is one of the many reasons why the PS Vita TV is very appealing to me. It strips away things that are becoming very common in video games today, things I do not like. Touchscreens, motion controls, camera play. It’s just you, a game and a controller. Just the way I like it. I also really do prefer playing games with a controller on my TV, rather than using a portable gaming console, as much as I love my handhelds. Sure, being the simple machine stripped from all the “features” of its father, it cannot play certain Vita games, which is a shame, considering that some of the games I am really interested in trying are stuff not compatible with it, like Gravity Rush or Katamari. The significant difference in price does work admirably as a “sorry”, however. For half the price it is providing me with an experience I prefer over the more expensive counterpart? Yes please!

Sure, it still has to use Sony branded memory cards which hurts my soul (and wallet) but my devious plans include buying mine used with memory card (maybe even some games) included for less money! Ha, I laugh at the people who buy hardware at launch as they laugh at me, still playing with my NES Zapper. Waiting it out also gives more games a chance to come out, which is nice. Sony looks like it’s actually trying to make the Vita matter, which would be fantastic. This is my other hope for the system.

As the PS Vita TV comes out, I hope it’s a real success, with people like me (just with the launch-buy-disease) getting it to comfortably play some awesome games. Hopefully it’ll be that final kick that gets the console off the ground; much like the price drop and XL-model were for the 3DS. That way developers hop on board and it starts getting some awesome games. The developers will have the home-audience in mind just as much as the handheld-Vita users and thus they will avoid using too much touch screen, gyroscope and camera play which makes me happy. And not necessarily just because of selfish reasons. For what I’ve seen, the biggest problem Vita games have right now is the same problem many early DS games had. All the games just have to use this new innovative tech in as much stuff as possible making gameplay feel cluttered, clumsy and unintuitive.


Which one is the slot for sweet, sweet lovemaking?

We get cheaper hardware that suits my preferences with hopefully more games that are specifically designed to be used with the hardware I have. This seems too good to be true. It’s small and pretty, too. It’s about the size of a deck of cards. This piece of machinery might be exactly what the Vita needs and it could save the console. It’s definitely a better way to take your flagship handheld of the moment than Nintendo with the 2DS, which wasn’t a horrible idea either but you know. We aren’t from ages 3 to 7. I just know I will personally have no use for the 2DS, while I can already see how much bang for my buck I will get for a PS Vita TV.

Sure, it can fail. Maybe the library of games just won’t grow enough. Maybe it fails to attract an audience. Maybe they fail to realize they should use normal memory cards and not cheat people out of their money through 80 dollar branded memory cards, like a bunch of Victorian era gentlemen thieves. Then it’s just another failed little piece of hardware, big whoop. But as it stands right now, I think it has insane potential and I am definitely optimistic.

I also think that making the same console two different consoles could be a pretty nifty business decision. Instead of “Play your Vita games at home” I think they should advertise it just as “Play Vita games”. Concentrate on the people that don’t have a Vita. It’s not an extension of the Vita, it’s a whole new thing and it should be marketed as such. If this succeeds, I can see this same idea being used more often. Make a handheld, and make a home-console-version of the same thing. Sell the other as a cheaper alternative to the big home consoles and the other as the brand new and fancy handheld! I know I would love that. We just have to wait and see if it’s successful or not.

Oh, I also heard it does some things with something called the PS4, but I don’t know what that is, so I’ll just leave it for now.

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