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July 30, 2013

Trolls, Fish and Fezes

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Written by: Dan Curtis
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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a writer, it’s in this game, you’ve gotta have some thick skin. Make a spelling mistake, drop a grammar nuance of nonsense or talk about something that gets someone’s heckles up and you’ll be wading through a veritable storm of verbal diarrhea before you can so much as sit back and admire your shiny new written content.

This is, after all, the internet. The land of trolls. The land where you can say whatever the hell you want and pretty much not be penalised for it. It’s a world where you can – despite being the most beautiful little teacher’s pet in real life – you can transmogrify into a hideous beast who hates the world, everything in it and is offensive to absolutely everything you see. On an article? Why not post a comment chastising that person who said they loved that game? Why not post some racially offense just for shits and giggles? It happens all the time on the internet and – unfortunately – this freedom of speech spawns forth this kind of behaviour extremely regularly.

This is what led to me getting the thick skin. You’ve gotta basically shrug off these people. You can’t let it get to you. Unfortunately, Phil Fish, the man behind renowned indie game Fez, has caved to the general pressures of the net and decided to quit the videogame industry.

In simple terms, this means we’ll never get to see Fez 2.  In broader terms, it means that constant berating by the internet in Phil’s direction has forced him to give up on the game industry altogether, and it’s a sad state of affairs.

Now I don’t claim to know exactly how the change came about for Phil and what incited him to leave (apart from rumours that a certain Gametrailers journalist) said offensive comments about Phil in the past, but it’s a drastic decision for sure. Many people would be clamouring to get a taste of Phil’s next game after the great success of his first major hit, Fez. To quit at this point, with millions of fans around the globe, seems like such a shame.

It’s a particular shame because such a genuinely talented game designer has caved to the people of the internet. Phil has decided to leave the industry for good, and everyone from Cliffy B to us common gaming folk has been questioning his decision for a few days now. Ultimately it’s fair enough – it’s Phil’s life and Phil’s decision what he wants to do with it. I’m honestly just genuinely sad to see that trolls on the internet get to people in this way.

It does, after all, happen everyday. Around the globe countless people are bullied on a daily basis via the internet, and internet trolls feel superior behind their computers, almost certainly safe in the knowledge they won’t be punished for hurtful comments or general unpleasantness towards other humans for no reason. The internet, is, after all, too vast to police. Millions of words of content pour out of every internet orifice on a daily basis, some well done and informative, others full of nonsense and hurtful comments.

So – to Phil I say this: come back to the game industry. Grow your thick skin, shrug off those trolls and create the games you want to make. The trolls shouldn’t be the victors here, and Phil, you’re too talented to give up because of the nonsense of these people.

Trolls should not deny the world Fez 2, but the world should deny the trolls of the internet.

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