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September 23, 2013

Valve reveals SteamOS

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Written by: Valtteri Kauraoja
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They donedid it again. Valve sure likes broadening their horizons and trying new things.

Valve has been having this countdown-thing on their site for a few days and it finally finished! What we received is a different colour ball from the last one. Yippee. A mere 48 hours for the next step in ball-colouring technology. It’s an easy guess that the final reveal will be the Steambox, which is a secret project Valve has been working on. Aside from that, people are drawing valid connections to DOTA, which is some kind of a game where you click and characters run at things. I heard it’s very popular with the youth of today. But the point of this reveal was a free operating system by Valve themselves. I hear you can operate your system on it. It’s based on Linux and designed to be really open and for living room PC’s. I’m actually interested, considering how I use my PC. I will look into it.

What people are really waiting for from these announcements is obviously the steambox, though. The top analytics of XP Magazine tell me that a box is a container for permanent use as storage, or for temporary use often for transporting contents. This box could be many kinds of boxes. It could be a packaging box, a storage box, an electrical box, a postal service box, a ballot box, a black box, a check box, a dispatch box, a first aid box, a glory box, a Jack-in-the-box, a lunch box, a mitre box, a nest box, the Pandora’s box, a set-top box or maybe a singing bird box!

We are currently looking into this steam-thing but it’s a more complicated matter. I have heard it has something to do with water and temperature, but who knows? Who knows who to believe today, in the age when Jyrki Katainen is voted the prime minister? You can see the countdown go down yourself on this site about valves (Don’t know their stance on Katainen, or other turnable flow-controlling objects). You can see what they have to say about life and death and the Steambox.

Click here to visit their dumb countdown-thing.


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